How To Use Yoluve


At the top of this page click on the signup button. Fill out your username, email, password, and confirm password. Click register that is it your in welcome.
Slide apps across to find something select it. If you want an account with a app click the app play button at the top its main page. Now you can enjoy explore, engage, use, create, ect. If you would no longer like an app account please click the app pause button at the top its main page. This will remove your app user account and data associated with it. You can play and pause as many app as you like.
Adding a moderate amount of input to your Yoluve account helps when using apps some features may require input to complete actions. You can use the input app located on your Yoluve home page when you are logged in. While playing certain apps users may gain input from the app or users or other ways assoiated with the usage of that app. You may send output by using the output app located on the home page when you are logged in.


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